SEO frequently asked questions

How does Google treat PDF documents ?

Google treats PDFs the same way as it does html and text. It will spider and index PDF documents (so long as they are not locked), and report them in the search engine results page. The rules about on-page optimisation for web pages also apply to PDF documents. Use headers, footers, headings, links and other devices to your advantage. It is a good idea to make a PDF copy of the entire web site and have it available as a download for people to read at their leisure and to forward as an e-mail attachment to others. You could have multiple versions of the document with emphasis on different keyword phrases.


If there isn’t much time or budget, what three things can you do to improve page ranking ?

Assuming you know what keyword phrase to focus on, the 3 most important elements would be:

1. Work your title tag and description tag
2. Make sure the page has the keyword phrase at the right density on the page AND it is included in headings and sub-headings
3. Work on getting quality incoming links via link exchanges, article submissions and directory submissions and make sure those links include the keyword phrase in the anchor text. In most markets just doing these three things will get you better search engine results over time.

How long does it take to notice an improvement in page ranking after SEO has been performed ?

This seems to be totally random. Google is reported to perform a major index update every 100 days or so. I have seen new sites get spidered, indexed and get good rankings in as little as 2 weeks. I’ve seen blog pages spidered, indexed and appearing in the search engine results pages in as little as 30 minutes (I kid you not). I have also seen sites wait for 5-6 months before they appear in the search engine results pages. Google will play with your mind, or so it appears. Be warned.


If I move a web site to a new domain, or change web page names, do I lose all my SEO weight ?

If you know how to arrange a 301 redirect, you should be able to maintain your rankings and PR. Contact your hosting provider for details. Make sure that you check it once in place to make sure it works. Here is a tool to help.

Will the file type on my web site affect my search engine ranking?

Google can only spider and index files of the correct format. These include .html, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt There is no preference given to any of these formats. Google cannot index the contents of mp3, video, flash and so on.


Do search engines reject pages if they find questionable words? ie. Sex, bomb, Bin Laden?

No, sex, bomb and Bin Laden are all legitimate search terms depending on the context of the search.


Why when I do the same search over and over (within the space of a few minutes) do I get different results each time

Google and the other search engines have thousands of data centres (computers), all these computers are constantly being updated and may not have the same version of database tables.


Why when you do a search some companies appear 3 or 4 times on the first page? How can I achieve this for my web site?

Because they have different pages that include the search term. To achieve this have more than one page optimised for the same search term.


Am I best to have one page with lots of information or split long pages up into 3 or 4 pages?

Aim for a page length of 300 words and optimise that page for one search term.

Will the number of pages my web site have help my ranking?

Yes, Google likes big sites and sites that change their content regularly. Don’t rely on a brochure site if you want good search engine rankings.


If yes to above can I create a hundred dummy pages or just copy contents from a few of my pages onto many?

Yes, you can but you run the risk that someone will report you and all the pages on your domain will be deleted from the index.

Does having advertising (ie Google Adwords) on my web site help my ranking?

Theoretically no, but I have noticed that Google does index new pages linked to Adwords faster than if there is no Adwords.


Can having lots of pictures with relevant titles help my ranking – ie especially when people do image searches?

Yes. And try to put the keyword phrase in the image file name as Blue_Nike_sneakers.jpg


Will Having video on my web site help results? How Much?

No, not from a search engine indexing point of view. It may, however, get you more incoming links, which is good for SEO.

Will having surveys help my results? How much?

No, not from a search engine indexing point of view unless the words in the survey add to the page’s keyword density. It may, however, get you more incoming links, which is good for SEO.


Is it best to have key words repeated through the text on my web page to help results

Yes, aim for a keyword density of 2-5%, but make it seem natural.


Can I hide a competitor’s company name in my web site so I get high ranking when someone enters that name as a search?

Yes, but there are legal implications in doing so. You are better off doing a product review on the competitor’s product on a personal blog.


Will a search engine pick up the names of images I have on a page and use these to lift results?

Yes and yes.


If I was creating a web site for Vodaphone could I have images hidden in my web site called “Telstra” and one “Optus” in the hope that seach engines would tag these when someone searchs on Optus or Telstra? Is this ethical?

Yes, but it is doubtful that you would outrank such big brand sites. As fas as ethics are concerned, look deep into your SEO heart and then get a legal opinion.


What are unethical SEO tricks I should avoid?

Anything that you are not comfortable with or could result in you having your web site banned by Google.


What tricks do clever search engines now find and discard when they find them

  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword stuffing in the meta tags
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Hidden text
  • Interlinked domains are registered around the same time
  • Forum, blog and guestbook spamming




Yes, all other SEO factors being equal, product_name.html would rank better than page_1.html for the same search term.


Do search engines consider the page names in their ranking and look for specific words in the pages titles?

Yes and yes. Your key phrase should be in the following elements wherever possible:

  • Domain name (sometimes difficult and only applies if all your business comes via the Internet0
  • Page Title tag
  • Page heading
  • Body copy at the right keyword density
  • Image file names and alt tags
  • Page name


Do you need to refresh pages so the date is recent so that the search engines pick them up?

No, but it is a good idea to add pages to a web site frequently. Google loves fresh content and big web sites.


Will me clicking on my own link in a search engine make the engines move me up?

No. Here’s a web site that makes fun of the concept.


Do search engines record which entries are getting clicked on and use this in their analysis? Can I make a robot that will do this?

Only on paid advertising, not on organic search results. You could build a robot, but it would be a waste of energy. You would be better off hiring some Click Monkeys !


Will the length of my web address have any affect on my ranking ?

Yes, overly long or complicated addresses are a disadvantage. Some database driven content management systems create dynamic urls, the url changes depending on a search term.


If I have the option should I use an abstract company name or something related to my industry ?

From a branding point of view, go for the abstract, from an SEO point of view, go for keywords in the domain. If all of your leads will come via the Internet, then go with the key phrase in the domain and company name.


What two suggestions can you make when picking a web name that will help my ranking in the long run?

  • 1. Base in on the search term
  • 2. Make it short, easy to say,easy to remember and easy to spell.

How does the “Similar pages” in Google work – Does this link you to the most similar pages to the topic you clicked on?

It is supposed to find pages that are close in content to the one you clicked on (competitor offerings and so on). Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well. Here is some background on it.


Does anyone ever click on “Similar pages

Yes, the bored, the lonely, SEO practitioners and Google staff. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time.

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